• Sports Goods Agency

    • Sports clothing Giessegi en Cycling, Triathlon and running retail collection and custom clothing available @selected shops by province www.giessegi.com

    • Modolo: Road and MTB wheelsets and accessories. Available on demand@ your nearest dealerwww.modolo.com

    • Electric bikes:

    - Italwin
    Check the models out on: www.italwin.it

    - Wayel - www.wayel.it

    • Available on demand@ your nearest dealer www.dynatekbikes.com

    • Available on demand@ your nearest dealer www.alpinabike.com

  • Sports Management: The Best in you

    The natural person behind Muove Ti is as an active triathlete, chairman of a sportsclub and salescoach most experienced to develop your sporting life and achieving your personal goals.
  • Sports Individual Equipment: The Best For You

    At Muove Ti you’re standing as an athlete in the center, offering you tailor made solutions to complete your sporting life.